myMarketingManager- We Manage Your Marketing-So You Manage Your Business





myMarketingManager maximizes the real value of your marketing dollars by ensuring that funds are spent strategically as your company grows. Our team of senior marketing professionals is dedicated to managing all aspects of your marketing campaign - from strategic planning to project management - allowing you to spend more time on managing your core business activities, and less time on managing your marketing projects.

Our full range of service offerings and flexible payment options are customized to meet your individual needs:

• Brand Development

Traditional and Social Media Marketing

Public Relations

• E-Commerce

• Marketing Collateral

• Promotional Items & Events and more...

Payment Options:

Our flexible payment options allow clients to develop a customized marketing campaign based on a monthly retainer or project-by-project basis:

Monthly Retainer: Clients that require ongoing marketing support benefit from a monthly retainer at a reduced rate, and the ability to work on multiple projects without worrying about 'being on the clock' or over budget. Clients are provided with a customized marketing campaign based on their unique needs and budget. Third party expenses are additional.

Project Plan: Clients that require ad hoc marketing support in a specific area of expertise benefit from a project plan. Clients are provided with a cost estimate for each project based on their budget, scope and timeframe. Third party expenses are additional.